We are full right now and are not accepting new animals at this time.

However, if you complete the form below, we will reach out if a spot opens up. You may want to contact your nearest shelter to make an appointment.

Owner/Guardian Surrender Contract

Will medical records and/or veterinary documents be provided upon surrender?
I have unrestricted and complete authority to surrender ownership of the animal to Tails From The City (TFTC). I understand that there is a surrender fee of $40 to relinquish this animal to TFTC. I acknowledge my understanding of, and agreement with, the following terms and conditions in the relinquishment of this animal: Upon surrender of this animal, relinquishment is irrevocable, except at the sole discretion of TFTC, which discretion may be withheld for any reason whatsoever. Upon surrender, TFTC is the owner of this animal, and all responsibility and decisions for future care is made by TFTC. If TFTC determines this animal to be of suitable health and temperament, it may be made available for adoption or transferred to another TFTC approved rescue organization for placement. Once transferred, the animal becomes the property of the organization to which it was transferred, and all future care and decisions made on behalf of the animal are at the discretion of the organization that received the animal. TFTC may contact me with questions that may arise, and I will provide all known relevant information when asked. I understand that if I attempt to reclaim this animal, I may be required to pay all medical costs incurred by TFTC on behalf of this animal as well as additional boarding fees. I understand that this animal will be surgically sterilized prior to reclaim. I certify that the animal has not bitten any person within the past 10 days. I understand that I may call to inquire, but TFTC is not responsible for informing me of all future decisions made on behalf of this animal.
If the animal is deemed unadoptable, I want to be contacted prior to possible euthanasia.
I understand that if I select "I agree" above, TFTC will attempt to contact me one time. If I have failed to contact TFTC within 24 hours, my option to reclaim will be revoked.
I understand this animal may be unpredictable and TFTC cannot anticipate or insure against the conduct of this animal surrendered to TFTC. I acknowledge that TFTC has not made through its directors, officers, agents, volunteers, or employees any warranties regarding the future condition, temperament, conduct and/or outcome of this animal. I hereby fully and completely release, indemnify, and hold harmless TFTC, its directors, officers, agents, volunteers or employees from any claims, demands, cause of action and/or liability of any sort or nature, whether known or unknown, directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with this animal, including, but not limited to: the surrender of this animal, TFTC’s care of this animal or through TFTC’s euthanization of the animal, with or without contacting me.